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Simplified Billing: Tekstack provides a billing management system to handle tasks like invoicing, payments, tracking, and budgeting


Scheduled Maintenance: Tekstack guarantees scheduled maintenance of the organisations' networks on a quarterly or monthly basis according to the Service Level Agreement.


Centralised Management: Tekstack provide a single and powerful console capable of handling complex networks. We also provide patch management solution, service desk, remote monitoring and security solutions to multiple clients with centralised controls


Monitoring: Tekstack offers efficient, customised and real-time monitoring solutions for any network device, website, application, or server of an organization. It is capable of delivering 24x7x365 network monitoring to guarantee optimum uptime for your business.


Remote Support: Tekstack provide cloud-based solutions to handle remote computers. Tekstack will ensure the transition of the entire process is deployed smoothly. Besides managing your services in an efficient manner, you can also spend extra time to supervise financial and operational services. Tekstack also aid in remotely trouble-shooting technical problems..


Proactive Support: Tekstack integrate comprehensive and regular preventative maintenance systems in order to stay ahead of any issues related to desktop devices and networks. They are a powerful medium through which both the reliability and stability of the organisation's IT assets are ensured. Tekstack also provide scalable cloud storage and the payment varies for the amount of storage space needed by the user..

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With the right solutions, your business can reach new heights, be more productive, safe great cost on a flat fee of managed IT Solutions (MSP). Let us grow your business. 

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Remote management

For small size Businesses

From R3000

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Managed IT

For Medium to Large size Businesses

From R10000

  • 8 Workstations
  • 24 Hours Onsite Support
  • Unlimited Remote Support*
  • Patch Management
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  • Cyber Security
  • Email Security
  • Server monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Network Monitoring
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Cloud Backup

From R300

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  • Remote support
  • Onsite support
  • Helpdesk
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  • Network deployment
  • IT Environment Assessment
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Custom Solutions
  • Onsite Storage Solutions
  • Media Rendering Solutions
  • Network trace and repair
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